Sanctuary of Healing, Mills Terrace, Chatham, ME4 5NZ

We had intended to re-open the Sanctuary for church services after the Christmas/ New Year break from the 3rd January2021, as we are entitled to do as a place of worship. However the Church Committee having considered the fact that the new Covid variant is spreading at an ever increasing rate, have reluctantly decided to close the church for the time being. We will be keeping a keen eye on how the situation develops and will endeavour to re-open the church as and when the rate has fallen sufficiently for us to feel that it is safe to to do so. We know that when we first re-opened after lockdown that many people were grateful to get back to the church which fortunately is large enough for us to safely social distance providing we took all the other appropriate safety measures, which we did. However due to the spread of the virus at this moment in time, we felt that due to the vulnerability, of many of the people who form our congregations, our Committee and indeed our visiting Mediums, that it was safer for us to close temporarily. We apologise to all who are as disappointed as we are. We send you our love and our healing prayers, particularly to those who have suffered from the virus and those who have lost loved ones to the virus. We pray for a better new year, we send you our best wishes for the future and promise that we will be back as soon as possible. God bless you all.

Church previously set up for Covid socially distanced service, single persons to the left with couples and family bubbles to the right.