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What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing compliments conventional medicine by channeling life energy to the patient in order to help them recover from illness, injury or distress. Spiritual Healing energy can be directed by the healers consciousness and may flow through the hands of over any distance.

This spiritual energy can help speed up the natural healing process of the body and improves recovery time. It can be used to combat serious illness and the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Spiritual healing is a natural energy that flows through the healer to the subject being healed.

You do not have to believe in it for it to work and although we believe it comes from God no religious faith is required. It is a natural energy that most people have to some extent and which can be used alongside conventional medicine.

How does spiritual healing work?

Spiritual healing works with the body at all levels, that is to say with mind, body and spirit. The energy is taken up by the body and goes to where it is needed.

Spiritual healing works gently, but powerfully to bring the body into balance, thereby helping to achieve a harmonious state. At the end of the day the body has remarkable healing ability, but sometimes needs a little (or a lot) of help. Spiritual healing can provide that help.

Can everybody work with spiritual healing?

Yes. But just as everyone can make a sound on the piano, not everyone will be able to play the piano to such a level as to fill The Royal Albert Hall with people coming to listen to them.

Healing takes place all around us all of the time – the mother who picks up the child who has fallen over and hugs him or her; the nurse who spends time talking with an upset patient; the person who gives a smile and a welcoming word.

All of these things constitute healing. When one starts working with spiritual healing a personal journey usually commences and people comment on how they notice their ability to channel healing energy becoming stronger over time.

What can I expect to experience at a spiritual healing session?

An explanation from the healer as to the process, how he or she works, the timing of the session, discussion on what transpires and what the client may wish to talk about.

The general feeling is one of deep relaxation, and the feeling of heat, cold and or a tingling sensation. Some spiritual healers will, with permission, touch the body (in appropriate places only) during healing, others will not.

Touching, or not touching, makes no difference to the effectiveness of the healing.

Does spiritual healing work with animals?

Yes. Animals are very receptive to healing, and will normally lie, stand or remain, very still whilst receiving healing. Remarkable results have been reported by the owners of animals who have received healing.

Animals do not have the pre-conceptions that humans have with regard to energy work, they instinctively know what is beneficial for them.

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